How my everyday life effects the world

Not everyone has the privilege of being raised in a perfect home. Actually, let me rephrase that, no one has been raised in a perfect home. Although some have had the privilege of being raised with beautiful core values straight from the heart of God; however, others were raised with a cold reality that was void and lifeless in its pursuit revealing that God could be far off or nonexistent.  Regardless of the home you were raised in, you were formed, created, and woven together in the Heavens before your time had a name.  And it is in the hands of Creator God that we were made, made to be known, loved, and given a purpose.

You see, some people think that being authentic is just simply being who you are and not apologizing for it.  I would interject that being truly authentic is knowing whose you are, and from that position gain an understanding of what I was destined to be.  Like I mentioned in the beginning, not all of us were raised perfectly, so if we take our imperfections and hang ups and call that who we are, I think it can rob us of who we were destined and purposed to be!

Authenticity is knowing whose you are and living a life connected to that truth.

I once did not know that I was crafted in the hands of a beautiful Maker, but once I found that out, every excuse I had to live anything less than amazing needed to be destroyed.  I could no longer be a victim, I could no longer hold on to any abuse I experienced as a child, adolescent, or young woman.  I had in a moment an opportunity to dream, to breathe, to live fully in the wonder and awe of a Father that truly knows who I am.


Authenticity Effects the World

Let’s be real, Jesus is everything. He is the Beginning and End, He is the Restorer and Healer, He is the Hope and Desire, He is a Rock and Defender, He is the Everlasting Voice that transcends through time, generations, lifetimes, chaos, storms, and blessings. He is Reformation and Relevance, He is the I AM, He is God.

When I choose to spend my life in His hands and heart, connected to the vine (John 15), I will effect the world authentically.  I will effect the world because in my DNA he crafted me to be a giant slayer, a fighter, a brave princess, and daughter of the Most High. I am a queen called to release fierce passion for God to the Nations! I am His, and so are you!! No matter your age, no matter your upbringing,You are a child of God. Be authentic…Be His, be all He destined you to be.

I bless you to be authentic and live it courageously!

From Glory to glory,